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Quality and safety

Food company means a big responsibility, which is why at the production sites of the Galactika company there are very high requirements to the quality system.


Quality Management System implemented at the plant guarantees cleanliness, naturalness and safety of each pack of the dairy products packaged here.

Control is carried out at each production stage: entry control of the raw milk, raw materials and packaging, inspection of the products at each production stage, quality control of the equipment’s washing, careful attention to the quality of the water, air, etc.


The quality control system is very strict in our plant.


Quality management system implemented at the company is based on three main principles:

1. Milk Quality:

  • All dairy products manufactured by the Galactika company are made from the highest quality raw milk received from the certified farms of the Leningrad and Kirov regions.
  • The company is attentive to the conditions of the animals’ life on the farm - they should be as comfortable as possible, a compliance with the hygiene standards of the cows’ handling is monitored. As early as in 2008, Galactika had achieved the quality of milk, relevant to the European standard.
  • Certification of the suppliers of the raw materials is carried out once every six months. Each lot of the raw materials delivered to the plant is tested for control of absence of the antibiotics and GMOs in milk.

2. Implementation of the modern technologies and cleanliness during production:

  • The production process is fully automated and operates in a closed cycle from the moment of receipt of milk, which allows the creation of the safest environment for production of the dairy products.
  • All dairy products are packaged in sterile packaging.
  • A system of strict control of compliance with food production safety was implemented in production.

3. Quality Control of the Output Products

  • ВAll products undergo many levels of quality control at every stage of production.
  • Prior to going to the warehouse, the control samples are selected from each lot, which are tested in the laboratory (microbiological and organoleptic tests).
  • Only after the laboratory specialists evaluate the samples of finished products, and are 100% sure about the quality of the manufactured lot of dairy products, then the lot will be shipped to the retailers.

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