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History of the company

The history of the Galactika Group of Companies began in 1947with the construction of the Gatchina Dairy Plant. The plant began operating in July.



On August 22nd, 2008, an opening of the Galactika plant was held - one of the most modern dairy enterprises in Europe. The opening ceremony was attended by Sirkka-Liisa Anttila, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry of Finland and other officials.


In 2011 a production of the dairy products under the Svezhee brand was launched. The assortment included the dairy products with a short shelf life (pasteurized milk, kefir, sour cream, etc.) in Tetra Top modern packaging, protecting the product from sunlight.


In 2012, the freeze-dried cultured dairy products produced at the Galactika plant for the first time became the participants of the space food program at the International Space Station, and were brought to the space orbit.


In 2014, the mass production of the dairy products was launched under the Sudarynya brand. The brand portfolio included the affordable dairy products (milk, cottage cheese, sour cream).




As of today the Galactika Group of Companies is one of the largest producers of the dairy products in Russia and the largest producer in the Northwest region.

Galactika produces the dairy products under the Svezhee Zavtra, Bolshaya Kruzhka and Sudarynya brands.

All production plants of the company are equipped with modern automated equipment, which guarantees the consumers a consistently high level of quality of the dairy products.


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