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About the company





Healthy way of life


Galactika supports the social projects related to promotion of the healthy nutrition and the healthy lifestyle in general, including the spread of knowledge about the benefits of dairy products

School Lessons

The Galactika Group of Companies supplies to the schools of St. Petersburg, the Leningrad Region and the Republic of Karelia and other regions. Bolshaya Kruzhka 3.2% milk, is produced according to the specific standards and recommended for nutrition of children from 3 years old.

Galactika aspires to tell the school students about how to keep fit and be in good health in the big city. Together with the professional pediatricians, nutritionists and child psychologists the training materials are developed for the kids of St. Petersburg, as well as the educational lessons about the benefits of milk are held for the younger schoolchildren - the so-called Great Dairy Games. All interactive lessons on the benefits of school milk are carried out in the form of the games and the competitions.

Dairy assistants: Vitamin, Calcium and Protein tell the children, why and what for they need to maintain a healthy lifestyle, eat right and drink milk. At the end of each lesson the funny narrators present the children with the medals for participation in the competitions, an exciting children's book about the benefits of milk and, of course, give them Bolshaya Kruzhka, their favorite milk. About 900 students of the schools of the Leningrad region and Saint Petersburg annually participate in the series of educational lessons about the benefits of milk.

Children’s Days

Galactika Group of Companies understands the importance of implementing social responsibility programs and actively participates in important national projects such as Three Dairy Products Per Day and School Milk aimed at supporting the education of a healthy lifestyle and good nutrition for the children.

Due to a keen interest from the schoolchildren on the process of milk production, the open days are conducted at the factories of Galactika company. During each of these guided tours hundreds of children make an amazing journey through the plant, following the path of milk from its receipt to the finished delicacies.


The kids know firsthand about the products of the Galactika company, manufactured under the brands of Bolshaya Kruzhka, Svezhee Zavtra and Sudarynya.


Schoolchildren are very fond of milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, sour cream and milkshakes of one of Russia's largest dairy producers. And due to the initiative of the Galactika company, the children can actually see how their favourite treats are produced from the highest quality milk received from the local farms.

During the tour, curious visitors will find out how the milk trucks are accepted at the plant, how the express analysis of the incoming milk is conducted at the acceptance laboratory, what the tanks for the milk storage are, where the manufacturing of the entire assortment of Galactika plant products goes on, and who manages all the complex processes.


Children can even have a go at being technologists, trying to produce a new dairy masterpiece with their own hands.


During the laboratory master class each of the children can add the toppings of their taste to the natural yogurt.

After an exciting journey through a magical land of Galactika, having replenished their energy with Bolshaya Kruzhka milkshakes, which just came off the conveyor, the children can continue their creative work, by painting funny pictures with the cows and building all kinds of structures with the cardboard packaging, which is used in the plant.

At the end of an interesting day the children can enjoy drawing and writing words of gratitude − with coloured chalk at the entrance of the plant − to the employees of the plant for their valuable work and the soul that they put into the production of all their favorite dairy products.



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