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Collaboration with Roscosmos


Dairy Products for the Astronauts

The cooperation of Galactika with Roscosmos Federal Space Agency on the supply program for astronauts began in 2011. The first samples of Bolshaya Kruzhka freeze-dried products were provided to Roskosmos in summer of 2012. On October 25th, 2012 – for the first time in the history of the Russian cosmonautics – Bolshaya Kruzhka freeze-dried cultured milk products were delivered to the International Space Station.

On the special request of members of the crew – Oleg Novitskiy, Yevgeny Tarelkin and Yuri Malenchenko, – Galactika Dairy Plant produced kefir, fermented baked milk, bio-kefir, yogurt with apples, prunes, strawberries and cereals, as well as the coffee milkshake – these products underwent the freeze-drying process, were packed in specially designed “swallow tale” packages and sent into orbit.


Galactika dairy products were highly appreciated by the astronauts, and now for almost 2 years they have been included in the food ration of the Russian cosmonauts on the ISS.


After the successful trial in control tests, based on many positive reviews of the astronauts, the dairy products manufactured under the Bolshaya Kruzhka brand were included in the main part of the new 16 days food ration of the astronauts.

On July 23rd, 2014 Galactika received an official status of the food supplier of the main food ration of the astronauts, which is constant and the same for all Russian crews, as well as a gratitude for the high-quality, tasty and healthy products.

Galactika company is expanding the cooperation with Roskosmos FA in the area of popularization of the space subjects among school students. In the secondary schools of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region, a series of lessons and competitions are conducted which are dedicated to the structure of the universe and space travel, space exploration history and the present day astronauts – the heroes who live among us, – says Tatiana Tretyachenko, Marketing Director of Galactika.


«We would like to see that the outer space would become as attractive topic for our children as it was for us and for the generation of our parents, when every teenager wanted to become an astronaut.»



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