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Caring for the environment


Caring for the environment - one of the foundations of the corporate responsibility of the Galactika company.

The company assumes responsibility for what it produces and what impact it has on the environment, so its employees at the corporate level are paying great attention to the environmental issues.

For the company it is very important to maintain the state of nature and its harmony, aiming to reduce any negative impact to a minimum in order to keep the Earth safe for the generations to come. The company's concern for the environment is based on care for the cows, the most efficient use of the natural resources and the raw materials and the environmental safety of the packaging materials.

Happy Cows

СGalactika begins its care about the environment with the care about the cows, which are provided with everything necessary on the farms in order to give the most delicious and the healthiest milk. Proper care, thoughtful handling, natural food and constant monitoring of the animals’ health - a guarantee that our happy cows will give milk of a high quality.

Efficient use of the natural resources and the raw materials

ОThe main raw material, which is used by Galactika is milk. From the farm to the conveyor the possible losses of the raw materials are minimized, and therefore the quality of the used milk shall always be at the highest level.

Water consumption - another important factor that affects the environment and the future of our planet. It is very important to save the water and to do so consciously. Galactika is a responsible consumer of water as the natural resource: each year we strive to reduce the amount of consumed clean water, since we clearly understand its value.

Environmentally friendly packaging materials

In its activities, the Galactika Group of Companies strives to effectively meet the consumers' demands, including the demands for the environmentally safe products. Most of the dairy products of the company are now packed in Tetra Pak packaging, consisting of the renewable materials.

Renewable natural resources are those that can be grown, for example, the trees. Packaging made with materials from the renewable resources, is the future oriented solution. Using this packaging, we are keeping the food fresh, and the forests green.

Control over sustainable forest management is provided by an international non-governmental organization – Forest Stewardship Council, or FSC. FSC-certification of the wood raw materials is the guarantee that the entire production cycle: from cultivation of the seedlings to harvesting of the commercial timber is conducted in compliance with the national forest management standards.


Each cardboard packaging of the final product manufactured by the Galactika company has the FSC mark.

Presence of the FSC trademark on the product confirms that:
  • the legal raw materials were used in manufacturing of the product;
  • the sustainable forest management practices were used in timber harvesting, the rights of the workers, local residents and indigenous people have been observed.


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